Unlimited Wealth, Unlimited Life

Unlimited Wealth, Unlimited Life : The Remarkable Blueprint To Trade In The Stock Market Like The Top 1% Of Investors

This tested, proven, and exclusive blueprint for stock market success can work for you, even if:

  • You don’t understand the stock market or investing
  • You only have at most $1,000 to $2,000 to invest
  • You’re afraid of risking your money
  • You’ve seen friends or relatives lose all their money investing in the stock market
  • You don’t even have a high school diploma


If you think you’ve tried everything!

Unlimited Wealth, Unlimited Life is the direct result of Frank Liz’s decades of study to create the ultimate trading course, digging through the trenches to find what REALLY works, and analyzing the giants like Warren Buffett, John Templeton, and George Soros.

Frank uncovered the hidden patterns in the stock market and financial cycles, and he learned the savvy strategies those giants and many others used to become successful and STAY successful in the world of stock market investing.

And now, starting today, their success (and Frank’s) can be your success, too!

This exclusive online course will cover everything you need to know to successfully trade stocks and achieve financial freedom. This course empowers you to build prosperity, not in 10 or 20 years, but in just 1 to 3 years, enabling you to create and claim the unlimited wealth, peace of mind, and unlimited life you absolutely deserve.

You can take this course according to your schedule. There are 5 classes. Each class is around 2-1/2 hours long. You can take a class a day, or every other day, or once a week, or . . . whatever works for you. Each class has its own supporting written materials.

This course is designed to get you quickly on the path to unlimited wealth-building success:

  1. First Class: An introduction to the stock market—what it is, how it works, and what some of those weird words mean. Plus you’ll also: get a global perspective of the U.S. and world’s stock markets; and develop a clear understanding of how those markets are integrated and how they affect your trades.
  2.  Second Class: You’ll learn all about cycles—the secret Global Money Decade Cycle that drives all of your investment choices for 10 years at a time; the U.S. Economic Cycle (in actual human English, not finance-speak); the predictable Stock Market Cycle; and much more!
  3.  Third Class: In this 4-part class, you’ll master Technical Analysis—how to read stock charts better than a pro; how to choose the best money-making Entry and Exit Points for your stocks to maximize your profits and minimize your risk; and lots more!
  4.  Fourth Class: You’ll learn Fundamental Analysis—The Four Fundamentals; the important financial signals that tell you a company’s future growth potential; and how to choose the best wealth-building stocks.
  5.  Fifth Class: We’ll Put It All Together—How to create an Investment Plan and Trading Plan to protect you and your money; the Diversification Rule, the Position-Sizing Rule, and the Maximum Positions Rule; how to calculate your Risk/Reward Ratio; how to use Adimir’s secret weaponCycletronic Investing—to make money in the stock market in good times and bad; how to double your earnings; and much, much more including how to open an online investment account and make a trade!

Table of Content

Day 1—Introduction to the Stock Market; Global Perspective

Day 1: Part One

1.   What Is The Stock Market?—Brief, basic overview.

2.   Brief history and explanation of NYSE and NASDAQ.

3    The Dow and S&P 500.

4.   Some things that affect the stock market: The Power Of Perception, Media pundits/experts (and the problems they cause for investors), Smart Money, the public, emotion.

5. What brokers do, their weaknesses, their fees.

6.   The power of being an independent investor.

7.   Case study of a successful stock and the profits it generated.

8.   Why a Stock Market Crash is a Blessing for You Even As Other Investors are Panicking and Losing Money

a.   All bear markets are buying opportunities and often the biggest opportunity of an investor’s life. And they keep happening.

b.   The myth that the stock market causes depressions and recessions.

c.   History and opportunities of the Great Depression and the Great Recession.

Day 1: Part Two

1.   A Global Perspective Of The U.S. And World’s Stock Markets

2.   How Those Markets Are Integrated

3.   How They Affect Your Trades

Day 2—Cyclical Analysis and Cycletronic Investing

1.   The Decade Theme—the unique strategy others don’t know.

2.   The Dollar/Bond Cycle

3.   The U.S. Economic Cycle

4.   The Stock Market Cycle (including sectors and sector rotation)

5.   Adimir’s Secret Weapon–Cycletronic Investing–To Make Money In The Stock Market In Good Times And Bad . . .

Day 3—Technical Analysis

1.   Introduction to Price Action and Trading Volume.

2.   Line Charts

3.   Price Bar Charts

4.   Candlestick Charts

5.   Moving Averages

6.   MACD

7.   RSI

8.   Retracements

9.   Patterns in Stock Charts (including historical price action)

10. Entry Points

11. Exit Points

Day 4—Fundamental Analysis

1.   The Four Fundamentals

2.   Earnings Growth, EPS, Institutional Sponsorship.

3.   PEG Ratio and P/E.

4.   Sales (P/S), Return on Equity (ROE), Revenue Growth.

5.   Growth Stocks

6.   Golden Stocks

7.   Mega Stocks

Day 5—Putting It All Together

1.   Your Trading Plan Basics

a.   Diversification

b.   Minimize Your Risk With Position-Sizing

2.         Buying and Selling

a.   Stop-Loss

b.   Trailing Stops

c.   How to do a stock trade (NOT options) online.

3.   Buying on Margin: How to Maximize Your Capital and Reduce Your Risk

4.   Shorting: How to Make Money When a Stock or the Market is Crashing and Burning.

5.   Tracking Your Trades—Interactive Portfolio Manager.

6.   Remind people about the Eagle Project and Frank Alerts.

7.   Pitch the “Options” class. Include a case study.

8.   Pitch “The Real Deal” course. [They might be able to upsell family and friends.]

However fast or slow you want to take Unlimited Wealth, Unlimited Life, you will have: the complete online course; the supporting written materials for each class; answers from Adimir on every single question you submit during the course; PLUS a wealth of FREE bonuses (see the 3-part video above) and the free participation on the Eagle Group clinics for 6 weeks, which later you will have the choice of continuing for as long as you wish.

When you complete this course, you will have the knowledge, confidence, and support you need to successfully identify, buy, and sell the best stocks in the market!

You’ll be amazed at how fast the results can come. In fact, many Adimir students report seeing everywhere from a 400% to a 10,000% jump in their earnings in just 6 months or less!


Unlimited Wealth, Unlimited Life:
The Remarkable Blueprint To Trade In The Stock Market Like The Top 1% of Investors

  1. Yes, I understand that spaces are limited, so it’s important that I act now before registration closes.
  1. Yes, enroll me in the Unlimited Wealth, Unlimited Life Investment Program! I understand that upon registration I will receive Access to an online member’s área, where I will receive weekly training videos and resources from Frank. Videos will be released at the beginning of each week for 5 weeks, followed by a group call with Frank. Coaching calls will happen a few days after each video is released. I can take the training at my own pace because I’ll be able to Access the videos (and the coaching call recordings), for LIFE!
  1. BONUS #1: Three Reports ($497 Value Yours Free!). Yes I understand I’ll receive Frank’s reports that have never been released to the public. You will learn a simple trick that will double the income from almost every stock you own, a 3-step money generating retirement plan, and how to use a Roth IRA to pass along massive wealth to your heirs.
  1. BONUS #2: Build Your Wealth Quickly ($47 Value Yours Free!). The powerful formula for success that the top 1% of investors don’t want you to see!
  1. BONUS #3: A 6-Week Membership In The Eagle Group, Yours FREE!) We’ll Also Give You A 6-Week Membership In The Eagle Group–A Weekly Teleconference In Which I Discuss What Is Happening In The Stock Market And The Stocks I Am Considering, While You and Other Students Share Your Own Stock Research. This Is A $197 Value And It’s Free For You!
  1. BONUS #4: “Kickstart Your Investing Program” Get Together, Yours Free!).  Adimir’s Best Teachers Will Meet With You In A Small Online Group Setting. They’ll Hold Your Hand As They Help You Get Started Investing, From Opening Your Online Brokerage Account To Protecting Your Investments. This Is A $300 Value And I’m Giving It To You FREE!
  1. Bonus #5: “Meet The Masters” Get Together ($497 Value, Yours Free“—A Personal Get Together With Adimir’s Best Teachers In A Small Online Group Setting To Help You Determine Your Investment Goals And Strategies. This $525 Value Is Yours FREE!

BONUS #6: Six Week Of “Franks Alerts!” (PRICELESS, Yours FREE!) My “Frank Alerts”–Which Tell You What Stocks I’m Trading, Why I’m Trading Them, And What Investment Strategy I’m Using With ThemFor I’m Going To Include This Super-Bonus Worth At Least $5,000 A Year . . . Absolutely FREE:

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