The 3 Stocks That Can Make You a Millionaire in 3 Years

Would you like to become a millionaire, not in 20 years but in just 3 years?

Would you like to become a millionaire in three years with minimal risk?

Then forget about savings accounts, Certificates of Deposit, IRAs, and 401K plans. They’re too slow. Forget about real estate. It’s too expensive, slow, and risky.

You can be a millionaire in just three years by investing in the stock market today. Worried about the risk?

Stock investing for most traders is incredibly risky, because theyhave too little knowledge, too much emotion, and no investment training, let alone an investment plan. They chase after stocks because everyone else is investing in those stocks, or because they like the company’s products, or because they have a gut instinct about the stock. Then, if by some miracle they start to make money, they become scared of losing that money so they refuse to act when they should be selling to take their profits and protect their capital.

Yes, stock investing is incredibly risky for those traders.

Unlike those emotion-based traders,however, Adimir students learn how to greatly minimize their investment risk with Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Cyclical Analysis, and Options, the four cornerstones of Adimir’s investment program.

They also learn how to identify the three stocks that can make them millionaires in just three years. What are those stocks?


#1: Cyclical Stocks


Cyclical Stocks—like Financials, Transportation, Consumer Cyclicals, and Technology—grow and decline according to the trends of the major cycles, particularly the Stock Market Cycle, Economic Cycle, and Dollar/Bond Cycle (which includes the “decade theme”).

To trade Cyclical Stocks, you must be a contrarian investor, buying at the bottom of the stock’s cycle when no one else would touch the stock and selling at the top of the stock’s cycle when most other traders are convinced the share price will keep climbing forever. They’re buying while you’re selling.When you invest at the right entry points, Cyclical Stocks will grow over time, so be patient for the next one or two or three years as they grow your investments into millionaire-creating profits.

Caterpillar, Inc., for example, is a Cyclical Stock. Back during the week of March 2, 2009, Caterpillar’s stock was priced at $23.23 a share. Then it began to climb. In 2011, Caterpillar reached $115.41 a share. If you had invested $5,000 in Caterpillar options, you could have earned $361,640 in those two years. On that one stock.



Other Cyclical Stocks in your portfolio would have been earning you hundreds of thousands of dollars over those two years, too.


#2: Golden Stocks


Golden Stocks are the riskiest and one of the most profitable of the three stocks.Why? A Golden Stock is a young, emerging and fast-growing company (risky) with a new disruptive product or service and strong Fundamentals.It is a uniquely better and faster-growing company than its peers.With a Golden Stock, you are able to take a little money, just a few thousand dollars in capital, and turn it into millions of dollars in about 18 months (profitable) when it is invested and leveraged correctly with options strategies.

Netflix was a Golden Stock. It created a new industry—the renting of media, first via mail on DVDs, then via internet streaming. It was an emerging company with both a disruptive product and service, it had strong Fundamentals, and it had the marketplace all to itself for several years. Between October 2008 and 2011, Netflix’s share price jumped from $18.95 to $298.73, a 1,576% increase. Think of the money you could have made!



#3: Mega Stocks and Super-Mega Stocks


Mega Stocks are all about momentum.[FRANK: I don’t want to give them all of the criteria.] They are usually (with rare exceptions) priced below $15 a share; they have explosive, sustainable, and accelerating earnings; they have 20% to 30% insider stock ownership; they have a strong base (usually several years of accumulation); and they have a gap-up (momentum) supported by massive weekly volume that is followed by continued growth and strong volume (more momentum).

Apple was a Super-Mega Stock. It ran from $7.07 a share in March 2003 to $84.84 in December 2006 (your three years to riches) and eventually skyrocketed to $702.10 a share in September 2012, turning Apple into the biggest company in the world and making a lot of its investors very rich indeed.



Wouldn’t it be nice to find stocks today that perform like Caterpillar, Netflix, and Apple so you can ride them to riches with minimal risk? You can.

If you’re new to the Adimir Institute of Financial Education, sign up today for our free 10-Day Financial Future Challenge, our online stock market investment class for beginners. You’ll learn the basics of Cyclical Analysis, as well as Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, and Options—the four cornerstones of Adimir’s investment program.

If you’ve taken the Challenge or if you have attended one of my seminars, sign-up now for one of Adimir’s in-depth investing courses and empower yourself to:

  • Build wealth quickly to protect your family for generations to come.
  • Eliminate debt.
  • Live the life you want and deserve.
  • Make a meaningful difference on this planet.
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