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About the Adimir Institute of Financial Education

Frank Liz and the Adimir Institute of Financial Education have transformed tens of thousands of lives by teaching people just like you
the powerful stock market investment program that quickly builds the abundant wealth and joyous life they desire and deserve.

Adimir was founded to help you. Whatever your education, age, or experience, you will learn the solid four cornerstones of our unique and proven investment program and give yourself the financial freedom and security you’ve dreamed of having.

Now, there are literally thousands of stock market trading websites, newsletters, and books, each touting their own particular trading system.
None of them come close to the comprehensive power and success of Adimir’s investment program. Why not?

No other investment education program teaches you how to combine Cyclical Analysis with Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Options to generate 1,000% to 10,000% and more in returns while significantly minimizing your risk.

In our online classes, webinars, and live seminars, we banish the fear, confusion, and ignorance that most people feel when they think about stock market investing. Adimir pulls back the curtain and teaches you everything you need, from the basics (What is the stock market?) to an in-depth understanding of the four cornerstones of our investment program as well as our advanced trading strategies.

You’ll learn how to find the best stocks in the stock market. Not only will you learn what to buy, you’ll learn:
• When to buy and sell.
• How to leverage your investment to maximize your profits.
• How to create a trading plan that protects your hard-earned investment dollars.
• And so much more!

We’ll show you how you can take a $1,000 investment and turn it into $100,000 in 18 months . . . or less!

When you take Adimir’s classes, you’ll build the confidence and knowledge you need to invest wisely, safely, and profitably so that you, too, can enjoy unlimited wealth, not in 10 or 20 years, but in just 1 to 3 years!

About Adimir’s Founder
Frank Liz is an investor, a husband and father, a futurist, an entrepreneur, a teacher, and an author. He wrote the best-selling bookThe Millionaire Within You; his free e-book Build Your Wealth Quickly: The Powerful Formula For Success The Top 1% Of Investors Don’t Want You To See; the recent A Little Manual For Big Dreams; and the forthcoming Starving For Answers: How Climate Change, Ignorance, and Greed Are Creating a Century of Hunger . . . and What We Can Do About It Now. He has also written dozens of articles about investing which you will find on this website and at www.frankliz.com.   Over the last 30 years, he has researched stock market trading and expanded and refined his personal investment program (which earned him millions) and turned them into the classes Adimir teaches today. He believes passionately that anyone can—and everyone must—learn to take charge of their financial future.   It is his life’s mission to teach financial self-empowerment and independence.   You may think this guy who has made millions many times over knows nothing about your financial struggles, your hopes, your dreams. Actually, Frank has lived them.   He was born into extreme poverty, the kind most Americans cannot even conceive. Three events changed his life and made him the man, the investor, and the teacher he is today.   1. When he was ten, he came home from school to find his mother weeping, because she had no food for her children. He vowed that was the last time his family would go hungry. The next day, he created his first business—selling oranges and bananas in his neighborhood, which earned enough money to feed his family. He went on to give himself an excellent education, including college and graduate school, where he earned an MBA.   2. He earned tens of millions of dollars investing in commercial real estate. Then the market bubble burst in 1990. He lost everything. This was the greatest teaching experience of his life, because it introduced him to cycles. He learned that, when it comes to money, everything is cyclical. He devoted himself to learning about and mastering cycles, not only the real estate cycle, but business cycles, and then the stock market cycle and the economic cycles that impact the stock market cycle. During this time, he also researched, developed, and used the basic program taught by Adimir today. In the 1990s, he went around the world giving live investment seminars that taught more than 30,000 people how to make their own millions in the stock market.   3. His eldest son died in 2002. Like so many parents who suffer this terrible loss, Frank was devastated. He traveled and searched the world for understanding and purpose, and he developed a series of principles that guide him today.   One of those principles is to share his knowledge about making money with other people.   He founded the Adimir Institute of Financial Education. Then he expanded and refined his personal investment program and turned it into the unique and powerful investment program Adimir teaches today, a program that anyone can learn and use successfully.   With Adimir you will learn the ultimate investment program, featuring the unique strategy others don’t know, that empowers you with wealth-building knowledge and confidence.
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